Transparency for your data

Transparency for data!

What would happen if your team had transparency with data and responsibilities? We believe it would change everything.

It will change how you identify with data, how you interact with data and how you communicate data between IT and business. This will change your data-culture.

Meet our product!

Better data + better collaboration
More time for you!

AGOORA is a data-platform for Apache Kafka that encourages collaboration around data transparency
and ownership. Created for teams dependent on data and teamwork. So basically - you

Data Quality
for Streams

Arise and open new possibilities while working with data!

    • Keep an eye on the quality of valuable assets of life and business.

      Solve end to end business problems.

      Make use cases work smoothly.

      Know what components are behaving strange

  • Automation

    Boost your data culture, benefit from automation!

    • Automate documentation as code directly using git repository

      React to changes on Agoora by consuming hooks

      Use open (and documented) GraphQL and GRPC APIs

  • Kafka Blackbox

    Let us help you explore your Kafka blackbox!

    • Explore Kafka topics and their documentation, Infers data schemas

      Understand data quality near real-time

      Monitor consumer lags and data volume

      Acts as a central hub to all your Kafka tools

      Resource groups for simple security

      Supports multiple kafka clusters
  • Data Ownership

    Free data from its shackles and bring it into the light!

    • Create and operate complex data-driven use cases

      Explore who is involved and responsible for the individual components

      Proudly present your data to your peers

  • What’s in it for you?

    Our product is in beta stage right now, we're working on it. 
We're creating your most trusted tool to use with Kafka. 
It will help you and your team create better streaming 
applications, faster.

    We have tons of ideas of what to do next, but we prefer 
to hear your ideas! What are your Kafka pains?

    Join our community of beta testers
    • Create an impact by sharing your daily struggles with Kafka streaming technologies.
    • Help us define and prioritise the next features to make your professional lives more enjoyable.
    • Be part of our exclusive beta-tester parties.
    • Journey with as much commitment as you wish.
    • Be invited to our exclusive beta-tester BBQ parties.
    • Earn a beautiful community hoodie.

    Supercharge your existing
    ecosystem of data and people

    Our goodness is only measured by our ability to integrate into existing ecosystems and tools.

    So AGOORA encourages integration into existing tools, allows to fire and receive hooks to automatically react on external tools and offers robust APIs.

    This gives you the ultimate freedom to integrate AGOORA the way you believe fits your needs best.

    ecosystem of data and people

    Supported Platforms and Integrations

    • Kafka platform integration
    • Confluent platform integration
    • Jira deep dive integration
    • Prometheus deep dive integration
    • Git deep dive integration
    • Grafana deep dive integration

    Try It!

    We made AGOORA specifically simple from the start. It requires minimal integration through a hybrid SaaS/Agent architecture.

    Simply install an agent for (all) the Kafka cluster you wish to support. You can observe your Kafka topics in our SaaS afterward.

    The installation of Agoora is simple and doesn't require JMX like Kafka Manager.

    Want to try it?

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    Spoud AG

    About Us

    AGOORA grew from a need for data and ownership transparency. We created a tool that helps us to become better Kafka engineers.

    We are a team of innovative and experienced startup enthusiasts, technology specialists and pioneers in the field of real-time data processing. Our vision is to inspire enterprises to become fully data-driven and we are passionate about creating a product and services to achieve this.

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